About this site

Why a Universal Declaration of the Cyclists Rights? Well, it’s actually very simple. We as cyclists do not want to be treated as second class citizens. We choose a small, light and economical vehicle, and therefore we relieve infrastructure, do not pollute the air, we reduce the use of energy, make no noise and live healthier lives. This last point means we also lower the cost of health care as well as costs due to sick employees. The only thing we want in return is to be treated as equals.

The rights of the cyclist started with a Tweet on Twitter (Dutch), asking for input on which rights the cyclist should have. The response was quick, and within a few hours we had eleven rights on paper. The same evening the first version of the Universal Declaration of the Cyclists Rights was published (version 1.0) on FietsersAfstappen (Cyclists Dismount, Dutch). In the following week, more and more additions were made. These were condensed into seven rights, all with an accompanied explanation, and formed version 2.0. After advice from the Dutch Cyclists Union (Fietsersbond) we expanded one of the seven rights, and are at the moment using version 2.1.

This site is not intended to re-write the work already done by the Dutch Cyclists Union, or other similar initiatives. For a couple of Twitter-users, this would be an impossible task. The object of this site is to concisely summarize what it’s all about: that cyclists need to be treated as equal participants in the daily traffic!