1. The cycle path is for the comfort of the cyclist, not to create room for the motorist.

We see all too often that the cyclist get shoved off to the side, onto unstable and badly paved cycle paths, so that the smooth asphalt roads are clear for the cars to use. We see roads lined with cycle paths that switch from one side to the next, forcing the cyclist to cross the road, often several times in succession. While doing so, the cyclist must often yield not only for oncoming traffic, but also traffic from behind, thus creating a dangerous situation. We often see cycle path’s making large detours while the roads go straight on, or that the cycle paths are squeezed into a insignificant space beside the road. Separate cycle paths alongside roads with right of way, are often forced to deviate from a straight line when approaching side roads, therefore depriving the cyclist the right of way. Building cycle paths in such a way doesn’t serve the needs of the cyclist, but the needs of the car drivers. The First Right wants to put an end to this way of thinking! Cycle paths have to be designed for the need and interests of cyclists.